Nutritional support belongs to the basic treatment bundles in critically ill patients with fundamental clinical significance on patients` mid- and long-term outcome. Several recent studies have led to considerable changes in our understanding of the metabolic response to critical illness and demonstrated that nutrition support is a complex subject, which needs an individualised treatment approach for different types of ICU patients.

Clinical nutrition and metabolic care includes various aspects such as nutrition risk assessment, nutritional management (e.g. enteral, parenteral and combined nutrition strategies), monitoring of the metabolic response, measurement of caloric, protein, and micronutrient requirements & metabolism and evaluation of treatment strategies by adequate outcome functional measures. To clarify optimal strategies and to improve health outcomes, we aim to gather together interdisciplinary experts to identify patients who may benefit from nutrition support, when best to initiate nutrition support, and the potential use of pharmaco-nutrition to modulate the inflammatory response to surgical or divers inflammatory stimuli.

The aims of this research group are to support and combine best available research expertise from basic science, translational studies and clinical trials to further improve current nutrition practice in ICU patients and to define priorities for further research.

To give you an overview of our clinical research:

Clinical Studies

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