The International Nutrition Survey 2018 is based on the previous conducted international surveys by Daren Heyland. By repeating the International Nutrition Survey in 2018, we aim to describe current nutrition practices in cardiac surgery patients and to monitor changes over time worldwide. This survey will show us whether ICUs are able to adhere to the Clinical Practice Guidelines and where we need to start to improve adherence.

Please read the INS2018 protocol for further information:

3CARE_INS2018 Protocol

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“A Randomized Trial of post-operative SUPplemental Parenteral nutritiOn and exeRcise in high-risk patienTs undergoing undergoing complex cardiac surgery”

EudraCT-No.: 2016-004284-39



“Intravenous Fish Oil based Lipid Emulsion as Pharmaconutrient Strategy in High-Risk Cardiac Surgery Patients: a Phase II Dosing Study”

In this pilot dose-finding study we aim to determine the safety and efficacy / optimal tolerable dose of FO administered intravenously as Omegaven® in high-risk cardiac surgery patients, recruitment of trial patients, adherence to protocol and contamination with other FO products.

Approximate Start of Recruitment: January 2018

Approved by REB and Competent Authority

EudraCT-No.: 2016-003902-14